Behavioural Values Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 2: Review of your behaviour against your organisational values


The following questions must be answered with either a "Yes" or a "No", where Yes states that you behaviour is compliant to your organizational behavioural values and No stated that you are not. There is no interim score between Yes and No to reflect that you sometimes comply it is either Yes or a No. If you do not comply fully with the question all of the time then your answer is No.


Yes  No

I treat everyone with dignity and respect

I never laugh at people or make jokes to cause hurt

I do not harass or abuse people physically or mentally

I do not belittle colleagues behind their backs with other colleagues

I do not display or distribute offensive materials

I respect cultural differences if they are in keeping with the organizations values

I look to eliminate loss when observed

I view all in the organization as my equal

I speak up when I observe behaviour non-compliant to values

I do not behave in a manner that could be perceived as humiliating, offensive or intimidating

I accept ownership of the values and commit to them

I do not accept ownership of the values but will commit to them

On completion of the questionnaire, if all you answer are Yes then you are in compliance with your organisation's valves.

If you have answered No for any of the questions then you are noncompliant and a correction process will need to be initiated.

JMS can help you to determine the corrective action required so please send the results of questionnaire 1 and 2 to JMS.

The information in the questionnaire will be treated confidentially and returned to the sender without retention if requested.